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Satisfied Customer Reviews

Big Backyard Pineview II


The men that installed our son's new Big Backyard Pineview II playset were kind, courteous, and above all, very professional. As you can see, our son is already enjoying the glider. In order to try and maximize the shade the playset was placed underneath the tree shade. This required a little bit of leveling that was done magnificently.
The playset is very sturdy.

The McGuffees


Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Frontier

Dear Jack,


I spent months researching playsets trying to find the right one for the right price. After I had settled on the playset, it took me considerably less time to find YOU! You were extremely helpful/knowledgeable and very professional. The team was there bright and early that morning (Friday, March 12th) and did an excellent job. When the kids got home from school that afternoon, they headed straight to the backyard and did not come in for two hours! They absolutely love their new playset. The set is also a magnet for the neighborhood kids. (which by the way is another reason I’m glad the job was done by professionals….I know it’s SAFE). I will not hesitate to refer your team to family and friends.



I know I will be calling again in a year to keep the maintenance up! I want to protect my investment.


Thanks again,

The Daniels

Kevin, Shannon, Kevin Jr., Keiwan



Adventure Playset Mt. Ranier



When we started looking at playsets for our kids, we didn’t realize just how valuable it would be to have a company like Playset Services to help throughout the process. The peace of mind that comes from having all of our questions answered from experts who really know their business has been priceless-- especially when it comes to an investment that involves our kids’ safety.


From the very beginning, you answered all of our emails and phone calls promptly and professionally, with reasonable quotes, thoughtful advice, and all-around excellent service. We really liked that your expertise came with a personal, local touch--much better than dealing with a “big box” retail or outdoor landscape company. On the installation day for our Mt. Rainier playset, Kerry, Sonny and Manny were friendly, professional, and knowledgeable—they arrived on time and didn't sweat the details to get the job done right, no matter how long it took. Most importantly, their skills and care are apparent in the finished playset – it’s solid, sturdy, and beautiful. We’re also happy to work with you on a yet-to-be constructed fall area for an extra measure of safety.


Since we are the adults, our thanks come in the form of this note and as many enthusiastic referrals as we can send your way…For their part, our kids send their thanks to Playset Services in the form of smiling faces and lots of laughter in the back yard!

All the best,

Eddie Perez and Kim Doyal



Sunray 2010 Country Cottage


Here is our new Sunray Country Club. I am so pleased with the work done by your staff. After seeing the amount of work it took I am really glad I did not try this on my own!


Thank You,

Matt, Kera and Kamryn Lowery



Adventure Playset Pathfinder


Dear Jack,

Thank you so much for installing our Backyard Adventures Playset. You guys are the best! My kids LOVE their new playset! Thank you so much!



Charles & Cheryl Aramburo


Rainbow All-American Double Decker


Dear Jack and Team,

We looked months for the perfect play system for our 4 yr old son- but only needed to look at your company for installing it. We knew that we would hire someone to install since it was too big of a job for us and Playset Services exceeded our expectations. Kerry and his crew were very professional and did a wonderful job. I will recommend you guys to everyone I know that is thinking of installing one of these playsets.



The Lang Family



Big Backyard Westvale Playset


Dear Jack,

You saved the day! After another guy was a no-show the day before my son's 2nd birthday party, I called you at the last minute (24 hours before the party) and you were able to get someone out here the very next morning, on a Sunday no less, to install our playset in time for the party. Your crew showed up, right on time and finished the playset with an hour and a half to spare. Thank you so much for coming to the rescue. My son absolutely loves the playset and his birthday was perfect, all thanks to you!



The Joines Family



Rainbow Funhouse

Dear Playset Services,

Thank you for the quality installation of our new playset. Our girls absolutely love spending hours in our back yard. Our oldest daughter says that she now has a park in her backyard. You staff was friendly and professional. It would have taken us over a week and the purchase of new tools to build our playset. Your guys were able to come in and put it up in the 100+ degree heat in less than 5 hours. It was such a treat for our children to sit and watch as the playset was being built. Now that many of the children in the neighborhood know we have a playset, we have lots of requests to visit. Thank you and your professional staff for a great job well done. I have already started recommending your service to anyone who is looking to get a new playset. You price was very affordable and the craftsmanship is solid. I would not have been able to reproduce the work of your staff!


The Wilson Family


Leisure Time Products Woodridge with Modifications



I just wanted to say thanks so much for putting our Woodridge playset together. Your crew did an outstanding job and was very professional; our children ranging from 2 year to 8 years old love it.

Our neighbors had just purchased a similar play set from a large store. After watching them spend the better part of a week putting it together, we went with Jack’s Playset Services. I was simply amazed at the amount of time it took the installers to have the playset up and ready for my children, everything went smoothly and efficiently.

It is the talk of the neighborhood and we have already recommended you too many of our friends. I was very pleased with everything, your service was worth every penny and our kids are having a ball.


Thank you.

The Reed Family



Big Backyard Ashford

Hi Jack!
I just wanted to let you know that Kerry & crew did a great job installing our playset! My girls love it! Thanks so much!

I'd love to enter it into the monthly drawing. I've attached a picture as well!

Thanks again!



Big Backyard Crestwood Lodge


Our boys are having a great time with the new playset! Their cousins have also given it a thorough workout.

It is definitely sturdy.


Thank you for the fast, quality installation. It would have taken us much longer than a day to complete.

We will recommend your team in the future to all of our friends and family who may need your services.


Kind Regards,

The Alexander Family


Leisure Time Products Cambridge with Modifications


Dear Playset Services-
I can't even tell you how much my life has changed for the better since your guys installed our playset. We've been doing so much entertaining and now I can actually converse with the adult guests while the kids play for hours in the background. It's everything I imagined it would be! I'm so thankful I found your company and I know we'll be calling you again for maintenance and all other playset needs. Your guys were on time, very nice to work with, and they worked hard the entire time (12 hours) they were there! I feel like my daughter's safety was taken into account. Even on the modification the edges were rounded to prevent any injury. I would highly recommend your company to anyone out there who if looking for professional people to help with their playset.


Thanks so much!
Paige Shockley


Adventure Playset Pathfinder



Kobe loves to go out and play on the set. We really appreciate the help with the installation (a lifesaver). Rudy, our scotty...loves the extra activity in backyard too.


Will and Sonja Roberts



Gorilla Playset Blue Ridge Retreat


Thank You so much for the professional installation!

Hurricane Ike took our old swing set and we finally ordered a replacement!! Kerry and his crew accomplished this beautiful set in ONE working day!!

We purchased the Gorilla Blue Ridge Retreat and Jack arranged everything within a couple of days. My children we're playing on the set within 3 days after it was delivered!! WOW!!


Job Well Done!! Awesome price!! Spectacular workmanship!!!! I will Recommend you guys to all of my friends!!



Lisa Morales



Gorilla Playset Chateau

Jack & Kerry,

WE LOVE OUR PLAYSET!!!! The kids play ALL day, EVERY day on it. How did we ever live without it??!!

The installation went great. You were quick and very thorough. We have already recommended you to many of our friends.

Thanks for everything! We will be calling in the future.


The Carters


2008 Leisure Time Products Woodridge


My father purchased this playground set for our daughter and newborn son prior to Gustav coming into the gulf. With Gustav and then Ike coming one right after another the playground was sitting in the boxes in our garage for weeks. We were very grateful when the time finally came that we were able to get someone out to install the set. We called on a Saturday and Kerry and his crew were able to be here on Monday to get it installed. Our daughter Allie was so excited to finally see it installed. I think she was starting to think the boxes were her playground. Thanks again for the professional service. These guys were so good, they started at 8:00am and were gone by 3:30pm. I will recommend your team in the future to all of our friends and family who may need your services.

Thanks again so much!!
Kelly and Trey Tolar

2008 Cedarworks


"Playset Services did a fantastic job installing our new Cedarworks set. Our unusual situation included a playset being shipped and delivered as Hurricane Ike approached, and Jack and his team were in touch the entire time. Thankfully the playset was held at the shipping facility during the storm and we did not have to store it in our living room! The guys came out as soon at the playset was delivered and had it installed within one workday. The next morning they put in the fall box, and shortly after we had a delivery of playground mulch. Everything went very smoothly and EFFICIENTLY, and I greatly appreciate the service we received. We even plan to use their services to clean and seal our set in a year. Playset Services has the best team to install your Cedarworks set -- we highly recommend them.




Thanks Jack and Kerry for a great job!"


-- Noelle, Jason, Grant and Andrew Coen (Cypress, TX)


2008 Leisure Time Products Woodridge Modified


You guys did a great job installing our set. I was especially impressed that Kerry was conscientious enough to even come back out two weeks later after thinking about it and add a couple additional braces to my proposed "modification" that allowed us to switch the slide and ladder. I will be calling you to install the tire swing at the end of September.

In the mean time, here is a photo for the contest.


Thanks again,





We are deeply grateful for Playset Services's commitment to Texas Children’s Hospital through the Playset of the Month Contest, and we thank you for your recent gift of $525.00.


Your contribution touches all aspects of our mission and helps make possible the exceptional patient care, world-class medical education and cutting-edge research that have made Texas Children’s Hospital renowned worldwide for more than 50 years. Our tradition of excellence has been built largely on the generous spirit of friends like you who embrace our vision—to heal sick children. As we continue to grow our research and patient care facilities and strive to push the boundaries of pediatric medicine, we are fortunate to have your help and support.


When you give to Texas Children's Hospital, you give children from your community and around the globe the best chance to experience childhood the way all children should—with health, hope and joy.

Thank you for making a difference.



John J. Scales

Senior Vice President



2008 Costco Sunray


We're having a blast on our new swing set! Thank so much for your professional team and their input. As you can see, the neighborhood is enjoying it as well!

Serving Him,



2008 Costco Sunray

I purchased the 2008 Costco Sunray last minute for my son's birthday. I wanted to have it installed in time for the his party, but after reading the instructions and calling Sunray I was informed it was a two-man, 20 hour job! I didn't have the time to install it myself. Luckily, Playset Services was recommended to me by a friend. Your crew did an outstanding installation and were very professional. I've already recommended Playset Services to a couple of neighbors that have seen the playset/installation. My family, especially my son Jaxson, thank you and your crew very much.

The referrals are coming,


2008 Costco Sunray


I just wanted to say thanks so much for putting our Coscto 2008 Sunray together. You guys did a very professional job for a fair price and you were fun to talk to! Our son is SO happy with his new "playground." We've had dinner outside every night since you installed our set last week, mostly because he loves it so much, he won't come inside the house while the sun is out!

Thanks again,




Houston and Surrounding Areas


E-mail: jack@playsetservices.com


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