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Playset Services moves, repairs, installs, and assembles wooden swingsets.


Making Backyards Fun Since 1997


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Wooden swing sets don't grow on trees. Trees are easy. Plant one and off they grow. Almost every child would love to have a wooden backyard swingset. Their friend down the street has a very cool wooden fort and they want one too. If you've done your homework, you know wooden playscapes are expensive, options are almost endless, and making a decision you're comfortable with can become confusing.


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Buying a used playset can be a good option. Some swingset manufacturers make lifetime swingsets that can be passed on from one family to another. It removes some of the thought involved because you buy, "as is", the options factor is limited, and the price is right. It's important to remember, wooden playsets are subjected to the elements 365/24/7 and children play hard. Some used swingsets look good on the surface while hiding rot, wear, and potential damage that make the system unsafe.


Buy A Safety Certified Used Wood Playset / Swing Set


It's common for parents to buy a swingset made for a toddler and later realize their little rug crawler is a rock climber. They played on it all the time when they were 2-3 years old, however, backyard swing sets can become boring if they don't grow with you kids. The first instinct might be to get rid of it and get a new bigger one. Your existing backyard fort could be used to make age appropriate upgrades.


We offer playset consultations. Our playset technicians are specifically trained to inspect and evaluate wooden backyard play systems for safety, durability, and functionality. Unlike a salesman representing a specific company, our experienced techs are trained to work for you. We offer an un-biased opinion for $100. If you use our service for repairs, upgrades, moves, etc., we'll apply 50% of the consultation to the service price.


Utilize our experience to make an informed decision.


Backyard playsets are all we do!


Satisfied Customer Reviews


Here's a list some playsets we know:


  • Kid's Creations

  • Jack's DIY Designs

  • Cedarworks

  • Costco Swing Sets

  • Sam's Club Swingsets

  • Leisure Time Products

  • Gorilla Playsets

  • Rainbow Playsystems

  • Backyard Adventures

  • And many more...

  • Toys R Us

  • And many more...


We move, repair, assemble, disassemble, install any type of wood

fort/ swing set you may have, no matter where you bought it.


We install swingsets in Houston and Austin



Houston and Surrounding Areas


E-mail: jack@playsetservices.com


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Consultations - Call us before you buy a used Swing Set.


Call Us Before You Buy

A Used Playset


Fort and Swing Set Assembly and Playset Installation
New Playset Installations

Experienced Techs

Make It Look Easy


Take your old wooden playset with you.
Moves and Disassemblies

Average Move Time

Is 4-5 Hours


Wooden Fort and Swing Set Maintenance For Added Life.
Playset Maintenance

Pressure Wash And

Waterseal For Added Life.


Update your current playset or repair

Add-ons and Repairs

Update Your Current Playset


Tightening and Inspections

Is Your Backyard Fort/

Swing Set As Safe As

It Can Be?


Custom Playground Fall Areas and Borders

Fall Areas

Custom areas for fall zones


True Playset Installation and Swing Set Assembly Nightmares

Handyman Nightmares

Your kid's deserve better